Tools, Schools and Nobody’s Fools

Here is what we posted in the sovereignty news for March 2012:

Food – The sidebar has added two videos: Raj Patel on why capitalism is based on devaluing women and Joel Salatin on his new book, Folks, This Ain’t Normal. Joel Salatin has also come out with an endorsement of Ron Paul which can be found here.

The new posts include an article by SF Gate on our friends at the Living Seed Company talking about the drastic reduction in varieties since the demise of seed-saving. Another article is about the winners of Sunset magazine’s challenge for the ultimate block party, where all the food is produced in the neighborhood. Our own Morro Bay won, with oysters, meat chickens, goat cheese, salt, and beer made from homegrown hops. There are also a couple of older posts are about a “localist” movement in Oaxaca, Mexico and a town in West Yorkshire planting renegade veggies.

Community – videos in the sidebar show the Berkeley Tool Lending Library and three from Curitiba, Brazil: one on City of Dreams, mayor Jaime Lerner‘s TED talk, Sing a Song of Sustainable Cities, and one on their transportation system.

The posts are on Curitiba from Cities for People, and Gar Alperovitz on the movement for cities to take back their banking, land development, internet and wifi services.

Political sovereignty has one consistent spokesperson these days – Ron Paul. The videos include A 2012 Revolution, Paul vs. Santorum on Iran, and Bill Maher‘s new hero. The blog posts are from Glenn Greenwald‘s Salon article, “Progressives and the Ron Paul Fallacies,” an excerpt from “The Problem of Democracy” by Alain de Benoist, and If the World Could Vote on the Republican primary.

Economics has Matt Stoller (Naked Capitalism) on Why Ron Paul Challenges Liberals, cited in Greenwald’s article above and giving a concise history of US economic policy.

Energy – looks at Lightsail’s Grid-Scale Compressed Air Energy and an article showing that more than half of Germany‘s renewable energy is owned by citizens or farms. Another article links the UN’s “carbon offsets” to the coup and displacement of farmers in Honduras.

Education – posts a TED talk by Bunker Roy on India’s Barefoot College.


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