April 2012 Sovereignty News

This is what’s new for April 2012:

Food: An article by Joel Salatin debunks The Myth of Sustainable Meat, rebutting a NYT editorial that claimed that grass-fed cows emit more methane gas and other disingenuous nonsense. A new Food Justice Label is in process that would ensure that domestic products are fair trade. Since the organic label doesn’t look at labor practices, and “made in America” is no guarantee (especially when US territories like islands are included, which have no citizenship), this would be a welcome boon to consumers. The radio show Unwelcome Guests has an episode called “Incredible Edible” which follows Todmordon’s “plant everywhere” revolution, Seattle’s Beacon Food Forest, and a TED talk on window gardens. I’ve posted the video to the last one and another TED talk on a seed bank in a frozen mountain in Norway. The audio includes speakers on the corporate backing of major NGOs like Nature Conservancy and the World Wildlife Fund. There’s also a grim cartoon called A Cage is A Cage about the Rotten Egg Bill.

Community has a new illustrated video on Where Good Ideas Come From by Ted Johnson. It also has a post on the effects of gold mining, which includes several short videos, including the trailer for “All That Glitters Is Not Gold,” and “Gold or Life: Recolonization and Resistance in Central America.”

Politics has collected several good short videos of Ron Paul. Hopefully these links still work, even though YouTube has deleted Ron Paul’s channels despite their 300,000 subscribers. In addition, I’ve added several Democracy Now videos on sovereignty movements around the world: Taureg Rebels in Mali Declare Independence, Ousted Maldives President, Ang Sang Suu Kyi Wins Seat in Parliament, and a new film, Bahrain: Shouting in the Dark. Two exciting new posts on Iceland tell how they crowdsourced their proposed new constitution and quote the opening in the second post.

Economics continues this thread with an article by Iceland’s President, who chose to support democracy over the banks. I’ve also added videos on Bill Moyers interviewing the author of The Leaderless Revolution – a fascinating turnaround by a political insider. Another DN video is a telling report on Spain’s reactions to the austerity measures. There but for the “grace” of the IMF go we.

Finally, Energy has a video called “REDD Alert: A Darker Shade of Green.” It debunks this carbon credit scheme.

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