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Monsanto vs. The Farmers

Monsanto vs Farmers from Mathieu Asselin on Vimeo.

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Uganda: Saving Seeds

Saving Wild Crop Seeds in Uganda:

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Todmordon and NDG Mordor

Incredible Edible is an audio episode of Unwelcome Guests that talks about the local food movement and environmental NGO’s that suck in unsuspecting NDG’s (naive do-gooders.) On local food it presents the soundtrack to Incredible Edible Todmordon, the town growing … finish reading Todmordon and NDG Mordor

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Our Friends at the Living Seed Company

From their home in a quiet stretch of Marin County near San Geronimo, two entrepreneurs are hoping to take gardening back to a time when an abundance of plant diversity was the norm. Matthew Hoffman and Astrid Lindo grow, source … finish reading Our Friends at the Living Seed Company

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