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Debunking the “Myth of Sustainable Meat”

By Joel Salatin The following post originally appeared on the Polyface Farms Facebook page The recent editorial by James McWilliams, titled “The Myth of Sustainable Meat,” contains enough factual errors and skewed assumptions to fill a book, and normally I … finish reading Debunking the “Myth of Sustainable Meat”

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Food Justice Certified Label

When we think about the people behind our food, the familiar faces at the farmers market may readily come to mind. But the many other individuals who do the hard work of planting, growing, and harvesting that food may remain … finish reading Food Justice Certified Label

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Todmordon and NDG Mordor

Incredible Edible is an audio episode of Unwelcome Guests that talks about the local food movement and environmental NGO’s that suck in unsuspecting NDG’s (naive do-gooders.) On local food it presents the soundtrack to Incredible Edible Todmordon, the town growing … finish reading Todmordon and NDG Mordor

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