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The River That Is a Person

Written by Stephen Messenger From the dawn of history, and in cultures throughout the world, humans have been prone to imbue Earth’s life-giving rivers with qualities of life itself — a fitting tribute, no doubt, to the wellsprings upon which … finish reading The River That Is a Person

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Crowdsourcing a Constitution

Crowds and constitutions Thorvaldur Gylfason 13 October 2011 Iceland’s economic meltdown has led to a change in its constitution. This column, by one of the 25 people elected to draft the new document, documents the journey. . . . The … finish reading Crowdsourcing a Constitution

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Iceland Proposes a New Constitution

Our different origins enrich the whole, and together we are responsible for the heritage of the generations, the land and history, nature, language and culture. Iceland is a free and sovereign state, resting on the cornerstones of freedom, equality, democracy … finish reading Iceland Proposes a New Constitution

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