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Glenn Greenwald’s Not-an-Endorsement of Ron Paul

In the first part of this Salon article, Glenn Greenwald states, “I’m about to discuss the candidacies of Barack Obama and Ron Paul, and no matter how many times I say that I am not “endorsing” or expressing support for … finish reading Glenn Greenwald’s Not-an-Endorsement of Ron Paul

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The notions of citizenship, liberty, and equality of political rights, as well as popular sovereignty, were closely interrelated. The most essential feature of citizenship was one’s origin and heritage: Pericles was the ‘son of Xanthippus from the deme of Cholargus’. … finish reading 

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If the World Could Vote

Newt Gingrich 1.32% (96 votes) Jon Huntsman 1.5% (109 votes) Ron Paul 92.71% (6745 votes) Rick Perry 0.51% (37 votes) Mitt Romney 2.27% (165 votes) Rick Santorum 1.69% (123 votes) Which Republican candidate would you vote for?

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